Sell your photographs

Sell your photographs is part of our Conditions of Business.


We are always accepting consignments for future auctions. We provide free pre-auction estimates on prints with artistic, historic, collection and investment value. Please contact us for a confidential evaluation of a single print or of an entire collection.

  1. Collect information

    Before contacting us, please collect all relevant information about the photograph(s) that might help us to provide a good estimate and, in the case of consignment, an accurate description. Of course, an attached scan or a digital picture of the print is very helpful in providing an estimate. You can use our Glossary when it comes to understanding specific terminology. Write down all the things you know, and our experts will help you complete the necessary information.

  2. Get a free auction estimate

    An auction estimate is the likely value that your print will obtain in our auction. Please be aware that such an estimate is not similar to gallery prices or appraisals for insurance or estate planning.

    With the above information in hand, please fill in the Estimate Request Form, which can be downloaded here. You can either type the information in and save the Word or PDF document or make a print and complete the information by hand.

    Please send the Estimate Request Form and images to us by e-mail to We will do our best to respond within a few business days. Only send prints by regular mail AFTER you have received a written request to do so by one of our staff.

    Please read more about the advantages of selling your prints at in Benefits for sellers.

  3. Consign to an auction for €10 a lot

    The term consigning is used when you, as the seller, place property in our hands while you retain ownership until the property is sold. The sender of property is known as the consignor and the agent is known as the consignee.

    After you have received our pre-auction estimate and we have agreed on the minimum bid (reserve price), we will send you a Seller’s agreement and an invoice by e-mail. The invoice contains a €10 consignment fee (excl. VAT) per lot to be introduced at auction. These fees are to cover our investments, marketing and administration costs, and for the time we spend writing the lot description and scanning the print. The amount is payable after we have agreed to consign the print for auction, and before the lot is catalogued. When you ship the item(s), a copy of the Seller’s agreement must be attached.

  4. Sold at auction

    After your print has been catalogued, you will receive a notification about the forthcoming auction in which the lot is included. When your print is sold at auction, we will send you payment along with a settlement statement itemizing the commission (seller’s premium is 10% excl. VAT) and any other costs within 30 days.

    If the lot had no bids at auction, unless you stated otherwise, it will be re-offered in a Buy Now after sale, at a price at least equal to the initial reserve price at auction. This free of additional charge service is only valid for a maximum of 30 days.

    If still no buyer is found, your item will be shipped back to you. In that case, shipping costs are payable. The shipping and handling costs are:
    • €20 International shipping | Standard
    • €25 International shipping | Insurance maximum €500
    • €30 International shipping | Insurance maximum €5,500

    The costs for large items or valuable property that require professional packing and shipment by courier are available upon request. We always try to combine the shipment of multiple lots.

    Read more at Benefits for sellers, Conditions of Business or Contact to get a free estimate.