Benefits for sellers

Benefits for sellers is part of our Conditions of Business.

When choosing an auctioneer to sell your photographs, you as a prospective seller have to make some considerations. Where is the auction house located, what other kind of work will be shown next to yours, where to receive an optimal result, and what are the costs of selling?

Photographs only aims to take away the disadvantages and restrictions you will experience at other auctioneers. We are specialists and this is the only (online) auction house worldwide that exclusively sells photographs. This is ideal for many prospective buyers, since visiting live auctions all over the world can be very time consuming.

Bidders can easily navigate through the lots, from any location and at any time they want. Consigned prints are shown in a representative way, and are, due to our critical selection, surrounded by other valuable lots. Each lot is described accurately and fully, leaving no room for poorly described misrepresentations. By offering our clientele the possibility to bid online, there are no limitations when it comes to reaching potential bidders.


We remove as many of the seller’s limitations as possible. You can consign prints in any price range, since we do not work with minimum consignment values. We believe that good quality photographs are always worth collecting and selling, regardless of price.

Unlike auction houses that organise only one or two auctions a year, sellers can offer their photographs at auction every three months. Private sellers do not have to wait long to make money on sales. Additionally, galleries do not have to remove photographs from their stock months before the auction date. This will give you flexible opportunities.

Unique bidding system

Furthermore, prospective sellers gain from our unique and copyrighted online-and-live bidding system. Our Extra Time Bid© auctions combine the best of both worlds. During the regular auction, with a fixed ending time, bidders place their bids. The highest bid however, is not necessarily the winning bid. Within 90 seconds after the regular auction time, the highest under bidder is allowed to make an Extra Time Bid©. This is the live part of the auction. The original highest bidder then has the right to outbid that amount and win the lot. This unique bidding system guarantees that the seller will get the best possible result.

Seller’s premium of 10%

There are always costs when it comes to selling either a collection or a single photograph. For introducing a lot, the seller pays a €10 fee, excl. VAT. This fee is payable after we agree to consign the print to auction, and before the lot is catalogued. Due to our low overhead costs, sellers only pay a premium of 10% (excl. VAT) of the hammer price when a lot is sold. These fees are to cover our investments, marketing and administration costs, and the time we spend writing the lot description and scanning the print.

If your lot is not sold at auction, you will have the opportunity to offer it once more in an after sale Buy Now auction. This service is free of additional charge.

It is also possible to consign prints directly to our Buy Now auction at a fixed price. The fee and the seller’s premium are equal to the prices mentioned above. Please note that the costs of return shipping are not included in any fee and will be an additional charge.

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