Benefits for buyers

We are the first and so far only (online) auction house worldwide exclusively selling photographs, and our experts are specialists in the collecting of photographs. Whether you are a private collector, gallery owner, art dealer, investor or museum curator, our auctions are a great source to acquire work from both established names and talented upcoming photographers.

Photographs and online only aims to take away the disadvantages and restrictions you will experience at other auctioneers. Not only do we sell photographs exclusively, but we also do this exclusively online. This is ideal for many prospective buyers, as visiting live auctions all over the world is very time consuming. You can easily navigate through the lots, from any location and at any time you wish.

Prints are shown in a representative way and are, due to our critical selection, surrounded by other valuable lots. Each lot is described accurately and fully, leaving no space for poorly described misrepresentations. The refined sort and search functions implemented will help you to select lots of interest to you. For starting collectors, or for those who wish to refresh their existing knowledge, there is an online glossary describing the (technical) terminology used.

All price ranges

In order to offer you a wide range of collectable photographs, there are no minimum consignment values for our sellers. We believe that good quality photographs are always worthwhile collecting and selling, regardless of price. Another advantage is that you are able to find new lots every three months, at regular auctions or via Buy Now.

Unique bidding system

Besides our standard auction and Buy Now format, we have also introduced a unique and copyrighted online-and-live bidding system. Our Extra Time Bid© auctions combine the best of both worlds. During the regular auction, with a fixed end time, bidders place their bid. The highest bid, however, is not necessarily the winning bid. Within 90 seconds after the regular auction time, the highest under bidder is allowed to make an Extra Time Bid©. This is the live part of the auction. The original highest bidder then has the right to outbid that amount with one (1) euro and win the lot. This system eliminates ‘sniper bids’ via third parties, an unwanted automated process of placing bids at auction closing. In this way it pays to be online when a lot is ending, because the one using this ‘sniper bid’ technique has to react if he wants to outbid the Extra Time Bid© made by the highest under bidder.

Buyer’s premium of 10%

Due to our low overhead costs, we are able to charge clients a very competitive buyer’s premium of only 10% (excl. VAT). Please read the Buyer’s premium and costs for more information.

Ease of use and payment

The navigation and processes at are created with prospective buyer’s wishes in mind. You can save lots of interest to you in your watch list and view your current bids and won lots in your account information. You will be updated via e-mail about changes in the status of relevant lots. Invoices are created automatically and are based on your preferences for shipping and method of payment. Payments can be made in different ways and you will never have to provide any bank or credit (card) information to us.

Privacy and security

We consider the privacy and protection of our clients’ personal data to be of utmost importance. To ensure that you feel confident about providing us with your personal information when communicating with us and using our services, we outline our practices in relation to the collection and use of personal data in our Privacy Policy section.

We use advanced certified technology to encrypt sensitive information, which is then stored in a secure database. From the moment you log in, you are in a protected environment. Please note that your password will always remain encrypted and that we will never send it to you by e-mail. For more information, please refer to our Security Policy.

Read more at Terminology, Buyer’s premium and costs, Conditions of Sale.

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